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I received my 2nd Great Clips haircut on 8/27/16, from Lisa at the Farmington Store. After washing and drying my hair for the first time, after the cut, I realized it was the worst *** job of a haircut, I have ever had. After my 1st cut, at GC, I was actually satisfied with the cut. But after this one, I will never return to GC again. I had planned to walk down to the store and demand a refund of the $12.00 I paid and the $3.00 tip I left.... Read more

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at CVS hazel Park, Mi 48030 Stylist Lisa Gave people before nice hair cuts, Then she called on me asked my name got really pissy. She never listen to what asked for, she just butchered my hair.. My wife was so upset she said for me go back and get a full refund. I would only hope that someone within in Great Clips corrects Lisa Attitude, My name should not be a factor in a hair cut. I am a citizen of this country for longer than shes... Read more

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Great clips on 193, you suck, I went in at 1200 told me 2 come back at 100, told me Another *** and bull story. I will never go back 2 u again, I feel sorry 4 ur other customers, take down the sign walk ins welcome that's not true, Read more

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The Great Clips at Bandera Point, in San Antonio Texas, is absolutely falling apart. I got a haircut and the lady messed it up, which is not the source of my complaint. I went back the next day and was treated so poorly by one of the employees that I filed a complaint. Absolutely RUDE!!! There apparently was a system error, in which my name was not put into the system, had to wait in a line for which I checked in before anyone else at the store,... Read more

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My daughter and I have both went in for haircuts. My daughter is a swimmer and has long, beautiful hair that she wanted layered. The hairstylist butchered her hair. It was so uneven. This isn't the 1st time this has happened either. She also got a bad haircut at another location. The hairstylist also shaved the back of my daughters neck and cut of half the hair in her back. It is going to take months for it to grow back. Also you could tell she... Read more

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I got my hair cut at a great clips today, truth be told I did need it. When i got into the chair the barber, if you will, asked me what I'd like done. I suggested what I'd like done, and she said fine. I'm thinking this is going to turn out good. But what was done was not in the least what I asked for. The damage was done, what could I tell her. Its only hair, right? Great Clips need to teach its folks, the NEED TO LISTEN to the customer! And... Read more

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I just got back from my visit to Great Clips on 85th Street Calgary and I am forced to do this because one can take the beating only once. If a mistake is repeated it is not a mistake, at least it is not something to be ignored. Today my son (10 year old) was bruised on both sides on his neck with the clippers, one side was all bumped up and red.You could see the scratch and those clipper lines, on the other side it’s red and visible lines from... Read more

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They did not follow my instructions. They did not blend the layers down to the edge of the cut. First some blonde Russian woman wrecked my hair and then Josie tried to fix it and made the same blending errors in different spots. As well, the Russian kept poking me with her long nails. And Josie kept finishing my sentences for me instead of listening to my requests, and sang and chattered loudly in my ears the whole time. Bad cut, bad listening... Read more

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Absolutely terrible customer service. Completely ruined my hair. To the point it can't be fixed. They didn't offer to do anything. Won't refund my money. There was no manager another weren't willing to contact one. Worthington, MN salon is horrid. Rude stuck up *** work there.

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I go to great clips on cobble stone plaza every one is so profesional I love the hair cuts that I always get with Martin I'm an Dentist and I guarantee the best hair cuts

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