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  • Customers like
    • That she was nice and friendly 4
    • Stylist haircutting ability 3
    • She was friendly 2
  • Customers don't like
    • People working there show attitude 6
    • Haircut and product 5
    • Rudeness 4

Site: Fire Wheel Mall in Garland Texas. I checked in and ask for Holly to cut my hair. The manager who can best be described as LOUD and obnoxious told me that there were two cuts in front of me. Customers arrived after me and they had checked in online and not to my knowledge asked for Holly also. When it appeared to me that two cuts completed and people were going ahead of me I asked the manager why? She told me that they checked in online and also asked for Holly. I then stated that online does not allow you to request a stylist. ... Read more

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I'm a regular at this location. The workers are nice, but the check-in and management is broken. I went for a haircut after signing in and seeing there was only a 5 min wait. I got there to find a person in the chair, one worker, and three others waiting. The worker was nice, and asked me if I was checked in, then once I confirmed with her, she told me that The others would go before me, since they were already in the shop before I checked in. I drove across town because the system told me there was only a 5 min wait. Also, why only one... Read more

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What most people do not get is that their complaints can cost people careers/promotions. So complain if you need to but only if you need to. It is not much worth it when your typical floor manager at Great Clips earns an average of 12 dollars an hour. Annual raises can be as little as 6 cents (yep that is right .06). That is a true statement. Managers are very lucky if they do better. Another bad thing GC not give stylists better wages ....even if you do have experience. transfer to a different franchisee... they... Read more

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I have no doubt that many of the complaints lodged about dissatisfaction may have elements of truth in them. I have seen a bad cut here and there but they are not the rule. But here is the kicker...not all the people who relentlessly *** about a service....have a right to really do so. Your complaints even if frivolous can cost people their careers. In the end-- the stylist if not at fault can sue for defamation. I have been a cosmetologist by vocational training and experience for 22 years. I have been a manager for the last 10 years. ... Read more

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I showed up at one of your stores, was told there was a 38 minute wait time. I looked at the one (1) man sitting and asked why so long ? I was told , "Sir , people book on line and will be here shortly" you must wait. I turned , shook my head and left. Really sad we have come to this in our day & age of customer service. I owned my own business for over 14 years and never told a customer they would have to wait for someone or something that MIGHT happen. Service and the next one was taken care of. It is truly unfortunate that a small... Read more

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Most of the workers are satisfactory, however a few have absolutely no idea what they are doing. Why are you hiring people who have never held a pair of scissors since kindergarten??? It looked like the only practice the worker had ever done was on his dog. I will never be returning to great clips because of this experience. The "stylist" obviously had no idea what he was doing and if Great Clips is going to continue hiring inexperienced workers then we will never be returning and hopefully others will not either. Read more

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I took my two sons to get there haircut. They are 3 and 5. First off, the older lady who did there hair was extremely rude. I was trying to calm my 3 year old down and she kept rolling her eyes bc my son kept moving his head. His hair cut was really bad. My husband has to redo it when we got home. Then when my 5 year old got up there he didn't want to sit in the booster seat but that woman made him sit in it then she had the nerve to tell me I need to get control of my kids!! His haircut was also awful and had to be redone when we got home.... Read more

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I visited the New Carrollton Great Clips by the movie theater and when I walked in as I'm going to the restroom there is a worker sitting in one of the beauty chairs at one of the booths breastfeeding a baby. I could not believe my eyes. I found out after receiving my last haircut there that her name was Samantha and she is a manager. What is this world coming to? I know one thing my family will not be going back there. All of the workers were very rude and snobby and need to work on their people skills. They were dressed in clothes with their... Read more

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Hair cut last Monday at venice shopping center the manager should not be cutting hair poor job on hair and personality as well needs to have better people skills Add comment

My daughters got their haircuts at Barrow Crossing in Bethlehem GA. One daughter, she cut shorter than I showed her and one side was longer than the other. The other gets her hair cut straight across but it was anything but...uneven all the way around, some pieces longer than the other and a huge layer/chunk cut out on one side. Her hair WAS all one length now it has this weird layer in it that we don't know how to correct. But it won't be fixed at a Great Clips. These people get a certificate but have no experience and are let loose on... Read more

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