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Don't complain about your haircuts in Greatclips in Temple Tx . You get what you pay for , stylist are new from beauty school or ones that don't to chemicals ( hair color ) . So be happy with your $10 or less haircut give them girls a break . ... people Add comment

Fairview Great Clips is awful I have been going there since it opened I will not be back the man that cut my hair was awful and and a a@@ he done a dry cut I said are you not going to do a wet cut it was the worse haircut I have ever had my style is an easy style but I am telling everyone I see about this experience and also my family goes there we will not be back as long as he is there. Add comment

Came in for a haircut, got picked by Richard. Did not do anything the way I told him. It's my hair not his. He was rude and I will not be back to this location, nor will my extended family. Someone really need to do something. Add comment

These people should not post hours if they dont follow them i just went in at 8:30 for a hair cut and keep in mind hours say mon-fri 9am-9pm but i was told we are not taking any one tonight Add comment

  • Dec 17
  • Beauty Centers and Spas
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I previously posted about a negative experience I had at great clips. Their front office wasted no time in contacting me to try and remedy the problem. Alex, was extremely courteous and understanding and offered me two free haircuts to keep my hair neat and trim while it is growing back in. I excepted and am satisfied with the outcome. He ensured me that he was personally looking into the... Read more

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  • Dec 15
  • Beauty Centers and Spas
  • Williston, South Carolina
  • Haircut
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I had 7 inch long hair and went in and asked to keep the length and trim the uneven ends on the sides and back. The girl(SHARA) decided to cut it how she wanted(SHORT) and accidentally shaved a 1 inch wide 3 inch long stripe on one side and acted like she didn't see it. Then left about ten hairs 7 inches long because she missed them and a 2 inch spot in back! I got home and saw it in the mirror... Read more

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  • Dec 12
  • Beauty Centers and Spas
  • Georgetown, Kentucky
  • Haircut
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Have been going to Great Clips in Georgetown (Marketplace) for years but never again. The last 3-4 times I've been there they have cut my hair so short I look like I'm joining the Marines. Why do they ask you how much to *** if they're just going to do.what they want?? Went there yesterday and the back and sides are practically shaved. Unless Sherri or Candi are available to cut your hair DON'T... Read more

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I logged in online to greatclips and it mentioned 15 min wait so I logged in and took me 10 mins to reach there and when I reached there were 2 more people ahead of me and the time it took them was 25 more mins in the shop. So the claim about timeliness and 15 min online wait is totally wrong Add comment

I will NEVER return to Great Clips in Grafton. When I go to get my hair cut, I don't want to hear my "stylist"'s life story about drama with her husband's ex wife the entire time I am in the chair. Completely unprofessional and ridiculous!! Also, my cut was horrible. Maybe" Stacy" should have paid more attention to what she was doing instead of unnecessary gossip. Add comment

I have been there 5 times and 2 of those times I have had a horrible haircut Add comment

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