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When I went to the Great Clips, Deep River, in High Point, NC, I was expecting at the very least to be listen to. I told the hairdresser what I wanted done with my hair, and in no way did she listen. I told her I wanted long layers, the hair around my face framed, and the bottom trimmed. I could not see what she was doing to the back of my hair, so when she said she was finished and i looked at the back of my head, the layers were about a half an inch long, and the hair around my face was not framed.

But the worst part was when I asked her nicely to cut another 3 inches off, she was extremely rude!

Instead of brushing my hair it felt like she was ripping it out. She started to cut very quickly, not paying attention to making the layers even. I had to ask her a third time to frame the front of my hair around my face. Then when I paid for the cut, she acted pissed off because I did not tip her, and I ALWAYS tip hairdressers, but there was no way in the World I was going to tip her.

So when I got home and dried my hair out the layers were extremely uneven! She cut an inch more off the left side of my head than the right side of my head, and the layers on the left were not blended as the layers on the right were!

I will NEVER go to great clips again!!! I will go to a decent hairdresser and pay for a $30 haircut.

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So you said to "trim" the ends? Then you said another three inches?

Sounds like you were as confused as she was. She should have been more "diplomatic".

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