Right so I got some coupons in mail for a new Great Clips salon opening in my town. A haircut for 3.99 so I needed a basic trim and figured it couldnt go to wrong which it didnt and I got a decent trim for $3.99.

But there is not way I would pay the normal haircut price. They dont even wash your hair!!

I got a hairdresser with a badge on so Im assuming she was a manager or senior stylist I couldnt actually see what was written on the badge! Anyhow she asked me what I wanted done and got right on with it but whilst she was cutting my hair she was more interested in what was going on in the rest of the salon and talking with the 2 much younger staff who were managing the check in desk and didnt really pay too much attention to me which makes me so mad because after all I am the customer am I not.

Review about: Great Clips Hairdresser.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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You can't expect a manager to not have to pay attention to other things while cutting your hair. And I do believe you are cheapskate in the first place What exactly are you complaining about?

You got an OK trim for $4.

But don't want to pay full price? Good luck with that one....


How can you expect free shampoo w/ a 3.99 haircut you must be out of your mind. Shampoo is either included in your haircut price which is $25+ or extra $5 if its $15 haircut.

$3.99 isn't enough for your haircut.

You get what you pay for! If you expect better quality be more willing to pay for the price.


How rude! What he/she wanted and deserved was professionalism.

It does not matter if you are paying thirty dollars or three dollars. You should always strive to be professional.


What do you want for 4 bucks little crybaby! :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

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