Why, why, why is there a male stylist tattooed up to the neck with 5 earrings in each ear including a quarter in each ear lobe. I work in environmental services and the whole time this guy was cutting my hair; I felt as though something might jump off him and attach me.

He looked like a skin head and maybe just two days shy of getting out the pen. It has forced me to go back to the traditional barbers.

PRADA in Sandy Springs; Robbie, the stylist; gave me bad cut and a nauseated experience. Great Clips, what happened.....

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Welcome to the hair industry sweet cheeks. We joined this profession because it is one of the few where being "different" is actually acceptable.

Look up some of the master stylists for big names like Paul Mitchell, Matrix, Vidal Sassoon etc. Many stylists have an edgy look.


Wow your rude! Sounds like your a judgmental ***!


It honestly sounds to me like you're just discriminating against this particular person solely because of their tattoos/piercings. You didn't offer any information on the supposed bad cut, which makes me think it probably wasn't a bad cut at all.

You just felt like being judgmental.

Tattoos and piercings do NOT affect an individual's work ethic.


Tattoos can jump?

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