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I had my haircut at the Great Clips on Cobb Parkway in Kennesaw by stylist and store manager Michelle Crillman. Her breath reeked of alcohol, and she spewed out racial slurs during my entire haircut!

It was disgusting. Also the store was unkempt, and the chair that I sat in during the haircut was sticky. Also, the receptionist told me after I had complained that Crillman had been arrested for her drinking problem and is currently on parole. Can you believe that this woman is a manager?


What is wrong with this world?

I would never recommend the store!!! She should be FIRED.

Review about: Great Clips Haircut.

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I'm not an attorney but my boss is. He has handled cases like this.

But what does he know? I'm sure you are much smarter.


Don't bother responding because I will not waste time on this issue. This whole thread has gotten redundant.


Posting this info is no different than what's in the newspaper. You read all of the time about people "accused" of this and that with full names, addresses, work info, etc.

What's the difference?

There is no way that anyone here can prove the poster wrong - we weren't tthere. So get everyone off your hypocritical trains.


If the libelous words against the woman cause her to lose customers, money, her job, future employment, then yes the person who posted the complaint can be sued.


u right i has dat happen to me alls the times, fight tha power!


She probably deserved it and you cant sue anybody for naming names.. haha..retards


Freedom of speech and to get treatment based on as a human not based on skin of color. It is not horrible to post anyone name.

It must you yourself who did that wrong doing with above customer or you have no senses equality which is against freedom of speech and equality opportunity. Great clips is disgusting and worse company period.


Is poster "No U" a minor, by any chance?

I agree,there is no reason to post someone's full name and their workplace and level a serious accusation of racism and drunkenness. If I was this person being named, I would look into legal action against the original writer.


How horrible of you to say how horrible it was to speak the truth.


How horrible of you to post someone's full name and the location of their workplace, and then write the DISGUSTING things you did. I hope you get sued for libel.

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