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First of all great clips makes there employees do hair cuts between 13 to 17 min in order to make a raise for the day. Second we would take more time on your hair if you would actually tip well!

We only make min. wage! Third we are worked like dogs and don't get breaks at all. So if you would quit being cheap and tip maybe we would give you a good hair cut.

You think a dollar is a good enough tip....please, we live off our tips.

If I do 20 customers and they all tip me a dollar thats 20 dollars in 8 hours...are you kidding me. So next time you want to complain about your great clips hair cut maybe you should actually treat your stylist better

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90 percent of the people make minimum wage. If you make that plus tips, no matter how big or small they are, your actually doing better than most of us. In California the minimum wage is 12 an hour and if you have a spouse that works or your part of a public assistance agency then you just need to shut your mouth and do your job!


I routinely give a five dollar tip but I only get a buzz cut. I do it twice a year.

My stylist gets $15 for the cut but I have worked jobs that tip and I can tell you PEOPLE ARE SO CHEAP!!! Oh thank you for one dollar your so kind and generous, NOT!! People will be cheap and justify that cheapness by actively looking for some reason not to tip. One job I had I got a 30 cent tip and I was told I would have gotten more if I wasn’t running all over the restaurant having to do 20 different orders.

Is it my failure that 20 tables are filled and I’m the only person running order, getting drinks, serving food and taking payments? Nope just a victim of other people and thier need to have thier breaks. On the other hand that same night I ended up with over $200 in tips. Why?

Because each and every person saw me busting jump to make sure everyone was taken care of. I announced that I’m the only server and if you need something put your glasses at the edge of your table. The same holds true for styling hair. They have to bust hump and try and make your hair the way you like it based only on your description.

Giving tips is a time honored tradition and believe it or not they are TAXED!!

So every time you slip a buck to your stylist you are making them pay more taxes out of thier paycheck because the employees get taxed a flat rate per hour on tips. 20% is the usual on hair cut tips try and remember that you are screwing people by being cheap.




People are cheap. They come in with their $2 coupon requesting you wash their greasy scalps and cut their flaky hair that they havent brushed in weeks...We are giving you a service that lasts for 4-6 weeks and you think tipping $2 is okay?? Wow


Do a good job and you will get an appropriate tip and my repeat business. But dont dare tell me what to tip.

I tip 2.00 for a simple mans haircut that takes 10 mins.

If you work as a stylist for minimum wage its your damned fault.

I will not end up paying 20 for a mans haircut.

If you are fully trained and work for minimum wage ur a *** and I dont want you near my neck with sharp objects


What kind of stylist would work for minimum wage !

Am I supposed to pay normal cost for a haircut AND support the stylist ?


Yes!!!! I agree, I also work at a great clips..

And people really do think 1$ is a good tip.. No its not I just brought home 300 $ for two weeks.. If it wasn't for tips I don't know what I would do!!

I try to always do the best on every haircut.. But sometimes I'm like was it even worth that 1$ tip?!?


With all due respect, your minimum wage and break rules are not my doing. I think I tip well but it bothers me that I am expected (with said tip) to make your job worth your while.

If someone doesn't like their job then get a new one. But the customer should be the priority and concern.

Not how much they will tip. Maybe instead of waiting for the bigger tip to do a good job, you should do a good job...then you will get a bigger tip.


Wait, let me do the math. $20/8hr=$2.50/hr.

If you're making that on top of federal minimum wage ($7.25), you're making $20,280/yr at 40hr/week. This is 170% of the poverty level for an individual and 126% of the poverty level for a family of two.

Surely you're not getting rich, but you're not dying either.

For comparison, CNAs make around the same amount.

My advice: go work for a better company.


I don't know why y'all complain that you don't get tipped well. I understand you only make minimum wage and pretty much depend on the tips, I use to work in restaurants. But it goes the same way, give good service and you'll make better tips.

to Anonymous #1441806

You get $20 for bringing dinner and drinks, we get $2 for playing in your flaky scalps and giving you a cut that lasts a month!


U sound puzzled @ the WORLD>U sure U should B handling scissors? Same advice I was given>If Ur unhappy the only person who can change that is "U"!


Or you could take pride in your profession? I understand you make min.

Wage and "rely" on tips but requiring someone to tip for a quality haircut is a horrible work ethic. We all have bills and shouldn't be required to tip for a service we are already paying for. If you want everything handed to you, go ahead and demand tips and see how no one will choose to have their hair cut and or styled by someone so greedy and you'll realize that your greed has cutoff all the potential future tips and appreciation.

I personally appreciate the service Hairstylists provide. If I heard an employee under my management complaining and limiting the quality of the service paid for by a customer I would have them fired for tarnishing my establishments name.


If they do a good job I'll tip good. But usually great clips is horrible so they get what they deserve


A tip is something one earns for going above and beyond your basic job description. A way for your customers to say you are appreciated for taking extra care and concern for me.

Say I work in Home Depot making minimum wage also and have to greet and assist 30 customers an hour. Should customers give me a tip if I am doing my basic job? No, that would be foolish. I knew what I signed up for when I was hired.

Sounds like you are all well aware of this quota when you got hired. So deal with it or leave. I say the short answer would be no.

For a standard men's cut, don't tip at all at a mass produced hair cutter like Great Clips. These can be viewed as the fast food experience of hair cutting.

to Anonymous Wethersfield, Connecticut, United States #1007946

IdiotI can't believe thus guy has any thing les then a minimum wage job at home depot.. hairdressers job is haircuting And tips we don't work at home Depot because we have thus special license that minimum wage people don't have to get or pass or pay for or go to school for so before you make a *** statement like that again take into consideration that we went to school specially for our minimum wage job plus tips emphasis on the word plus tips thank you

to Jojo s*** #1010209

Why go to school for a minimum wage job when you can work as a waiter or waitress with no schooling and make more?

I worked as a waitress for two years, the service you give is usually the tip you make. Granted there are people who simply don't tip.

But when my hairdresser or waitress is a *** I'm not going to tip. If you survive on tips, then work for them.

Go above and beyond, proper service should always be given.

(I do tip my hairdressers, and I did tip when I went to great clips, but I've had better service at Walmart)

to Anonymous #1027224

But did you pay 20,000 for a specialized education to work at Home Depot for minimum wage. No hair stylist are underpaid and people need to tip them if they are happy with there haircut and especially when they ask for special treatment. At great clips you literally make less of you take longer on a client who just keeps asking for more more more and want there hair cut two different styles because they decided almost at the end of the service they want a different look.

to Anonymous #1379056

Wow... after reading what you wrote, I'm of the opinion that you should have given more attention to remedial education...

lIke reading and writing... which wold enhance ANY profession.

If I sat in your chair and listened to you for 30 seconds, I'd leave before you had the opportunity to brandish even one cutting tool in my direction. Whew....

to Anonymous #1378357

Home depot employees are not tipped employees. It is different.

Also what kind of education is required to work at home depot as a greeter? Hair stylists spend a year in school and it costs upwards of 20k. And if someone didnt tip me as trained professional, their next haircut would reflect that. Time is money.

The next customer will most likely tip.

Its not required, but not tipping is uncouth. Maybe that's why you get a fast food quality haircut.

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