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Who would be interested in forming a class action lawsuit? Anyone who has ever worked for Great Clips knows that you dont get paid to do the closing shift!

You are paid 25-50 cents per hour which does not equate to a full hours pay. Closing could take up to a half hour or longer. It is federal law if you are doing work you should be getting paid to do work (and you should be clocked in). Not clocked out and doing the work.

Am I wrong? If anyone is interested in a Class Action please respond to this.......

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I had to clock out for my 15 minute break in addition to my 30 minute break. I had to clock out during closing so this too was an unpaid service.

In addition to all of this I was humiliated and called a “SPIC” to my face by the woman who was supposed to be training me. This establishment played country music all day no matter how uncomfortable it made others feel. The day I was called a SPIC was my last and final day working there. That was day 7.

I have never had such an experience in my life!

I would not recommend them to anyone ever. Please contact me if my experience can help anyone here.Good luck & God bles


My name is Tanya Vaden and I have worked in several different great clips for hair in San Diego ca, ocean side ca to Escondido ca , chula vista ca and Santee ca is now 2017 and stylist still have to clock out to close,,,, a civil suit is on the way just be a little more patient. If anyone has any questions feel free to call me ONLY if you are prepared to go to court (619) 597-6053


What ticks me off is you do clock out. I get stuck closing 3 or 4 times per week and I get .approx .29 per wk.

closing and I have to risk my life taking money to bank off the clock and not compensated for time or mileage or use of personal vehicle. Also the bank is 3 miles out of my way, 3 miles back then 6 miles home, so I drive twice as much as I should. .29 doesn't buy my gas. So it costs me $2.83 per week in gas to go to the bank for them.

$147.16 per year. It should be the store managers responsibility! Or Brinks, Or pay us accordingly! It's our lives and cars on the line for their money.

What if we're in a accident???

We are just numbers...12-16 min. H/c times = Robots , 4 h/c per hr or u don't get a raise.

Also, no breaks during h/c sales.

you get a 15 min. Break if you wk over 5.50 hrs to 12+ hrs.

Totally illegal. Law states 2 - 15 min breaks if 8 or more hrs. And 30 min unpaid lunch. Also, they have u call in and push u back from a 11 hr shift to 1 1/2 hrs at end of shift and u call every 1/2-1 hr.

And law states if u show up u should be compensated for 4 hrs. Pay.

to promotinginexpkidstylistslowwa #1472551

I totally agree with you not to mention the pay your promised one thing but given another also it can be change without u knowing great trick with there new adp cards too that way you can't track what your making

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #657716
:sigh African American Employees get lesser salary ......Regardless of skill ..........Sad really don't know what to do but change careers ...
Brighton, Michigan, United States #656486
You don't get paid during the closing shift in Howell, MI. The owners name is John.

He owns 4 great clips in the livingston county area, whitelake, brighton, and two in howell.

He illegally has his employees stay clocked out in order to count the drawer. Before you can count the drawer you must clock out in order to go any further (this is the way the computer is set up.)If you want to be treated like youre working in a sweat shop this is the place to go :)
Cleveland, Ohio, United States #628299

The vast majority of the comments on this thread are complete BS. You get payed to close.

You get payed to stay late. You get payed more than what your scheduled hours are if you're there more than your scheduled hours.

Sorry your manager/franchisee is a douche, but if you're still working at a location that doesn't pay you then get out. I LOVE my owner and manager.


To "Stop Complaining".. None of us sit on our *** reading magazines at my work were not aloud to read magazines when the salon is slow which is once in a blue moon.

The owner of our great clips is a greedy *** who doesnt give a *** about the employees. We dont even have matts to stand on which causes me to have constant back pain. Mind you I am 20 years old. I quote you said we have the nerve to complain about a lousy 15 min closing duty worth 2 to 3 dollars...

THAT is my 3 dollars not theirs and youre a complete *** if you dont agree with that. Great Clips is an awful disgusting corporation I'd never recommend any women with any respect for herself to work there.

to ***ed off #1481104

I agree


Nitro...get a copy of time of haircut and if it shows your time on the clock was backed an attorney. Most of the salons have cameras that will show you were working. You got them doing something against the law and in violation of the labor laws.


How many of your managers or owners modify your hours without your permission? Did you know it is illegal to do so?

The stylist is the only one who can do. Keep up with your hours and compare them to the ones on your paycheck. This whole company is based on false numbers where payroll is concerned. It's how they can coupon so much.

The stylists are paying for the discounts.

Quit Whining....that my friend does exist and you know it. It can be proven and corporate will take the fall...franchise or not.

Not only the closing issue, but what about changing hours so you only get paid for what's on the schedual, not what you work! If its busy and you stay to do another client, you do not get paid!

I agree, if you have skills, you get fired. That's because they are afraid you will get requests, and plenty of us have been fired for that.!!

:? So yes! Count me in

great clips and the 15 min cuts is a way to fire good stylist cause they cut in 20 min that's b--- s---.. protest it and also clocking out before closing and not getting payed for it is also wrong..pissed


Prior to my last stint with GC fall quarter 09, the SYSTEM, which is a Corporate system, made you clock out, prior to finishing your closing.

CLEARLY it was an issue, because they changed it, from what I am reading here. They were told about it over 10 years ago, when they switched from paper tickets to that system.

I am quite sure, that they saved MILLIONS in payroll a YEAR, with that very system.

Someone must have realised the magnitude of thier compensation costs, if they were caught.


What about being fired for not being able to lie good enough to the owner on the shop. I was instructed to the owner about a quality check and when the owner saw thew I was fired 4 days later for something unreasonable.

I had to take a personitly test before i was hired and they said that I scored really high. So the manager ask me to do something that I answered I would not do . She needed to couver her butt and another managers butt for letting the cat out of the bag. So if the owner of this salon see this I want to apologize for lying to you.

There have been a lot of lies told to you and to the GM from this one salon in perticular.

I am not the person that has been portayed to you. I do hope that you will see thew this and make some changes


Great Clips actually changed the system so you would clock out as a stylist and clock in as a closer so it would not negatively affect your productivity (commission). If you stay clocked in as a stylist for the 15 minutes of closing, and since there are no customers at that time, your productivity will go down. Someone should have explained the changes are actually for you benefit.


Great Clips does a lot of illegal things.....too many for me to list. I have been with them for 4 yrs, and have not even had a raise.

i am a high performing stylist, and this hasnt gotten me anywhere. At our location, we hardly have to breath.

Who the *** is sitting around reading magazines? lol


For the B**** that commented on stylists who smoke and sit on their fat a***. Not all stylists sit around and read magazines and take cigarette breaks.


Stop complaining. Half of you sit on your lazy *** and read magazines most of the day.

Then you *** , whine and complain about a lousy 15 min it takes to run paperwork. You get paid extra $ per hr for every hr you work. Maybe if you clocked out for every break you take, for every time you use your cell phone, and for every cigarette break you would realize that you are stealing company time. And u have the nerve to *** about a lousy 15 min closing duty which is worth about $2-$3.

Your .75 extra an hour is well over the 15 wage. Be thankful u even have a job.

Great clips is a great company! Just doesn't tolerate idiots!


Lets stop and think.

If you work or worked for Great Clips you know it is a francise.

Yes corporate sets standards for all the great clips.

However each salon may have slightly different polices and procedures.

It is up to YOU the stylist when hired to READ, QUESTION, AND

UNDERSTAND the salons policies and procedures, such as closing.

So why would you choose to work at a location that you didn't think was doing things right?

And why wouldn't you report them to Great Clips Corporate?

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