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I just got my haircut in Federal Way Great Clips next to Joann's Fabric.... her name was Rachel; very nice woman, we chatted .

I wore a hat into the place so of course I wore my hat out. the next day when I washed it and tried to style it ...I noticed just how awful it was. it was uneven and she did not taper some of my hair .....its just in blocks. I'm so disappointed!!

so so disappointed and that was my bi yearly haircut. I can't often afford this so I was super bummed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Clips Haircut.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Mountain View, California, United States #916859

Bottom line is they messed her hair up. Oooohhh let them fix it for free.

When youre a supposed licensed professional you dont get second chances. As far as this woman being poor yep thats what caused.

It wasnt the stylists lack of skill it was definately caused by the financial bracket this woman falls within. Yep yep.


WTF? Why didn't you simply talk to the stylist and see if she would fix for free?

Instead, you come online and name her, without giving her or the manager a chance to make you happy. Not a nice thing to do!


Any stylist knows you don't pull the back up front to frame the face, she did the right thing. You're fringing on almost a mullet, I'd take that back up a little, also we all know how cheap 13 dollars for a cut is, you being too cheap to get more than 2 a year is an entirely different thing. Even for poor folks 13 is cheap for a cut.

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