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My family went into the great clips in Arlington wa yesterday. We had had the man before for my husband's cut but it was my 2 year's turn.My child was grumpy, yes, but the man was so rude.

Wouldnt let me hold him or hold his head to help. The haircut was horrible! My husband went back in to have it fixed a little, the man totally ignored him. There was a young lady, she said that she wasn't very good with young children, but the other gal said she'd fix once she was done with the cut she was doing.

He sat on my lap, cried and moved but she was able to repair and make his hair look nice.

The man was awful to all of us. Never going there again if he is there!

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Clips Haircut.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I work for this company. Do you even have a clue how it is to cut these kids hair?

We are on a time crunch with the cut, then we get kids and their parents that are hard to handle. And you wonder why we are not smiling?

We have been cutting hair for 9 hours straight one after another: like cattle. Give us a break...

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