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Went in yesterday for a simple trim and bang cut and left absolutely butchered. I wanted to cry after I got in my car and had a close up look.

My "stylist" didn't even comb out my bangs before I left or dry them so I couldn't tell how awful they were. Honestly I've never had such a horrible haircut in my life. I've never felt this ugly and embarrassed with how I look. I went in a different location to get them "fixed" this lady ended up cutting them even shorter and more uneven.

Didn't think it could get worse but it did.

I'm so upset I will NEVER step foot in a great clips again. EVER.

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Great clips? Pays $8- $10 per hour, what did you expect?


This is a common event. I have hair down to my rump and I use to have my own hair dresser that went to classes to keep up on how to do cuts and colors.

She was great then she retired and everytime I have went and had my hair cut it has been so bad I have to take it back up to my bra and start over.

It happened again not long ago so just a good rule of thumb. Tell them you don't mean to be rude but if they don't know what they are doing do not put the scissors to your hair.

New Haven, Indiana, United States #905301

As a stylist...bangs should only be cut wet if using a razor or any slide cutting techniques.

However, if you want a great hair cut, you need to find someone who will take the time on your hair cuts and take the time to care about you and your hair.

You might have to spend more for your cut, but you're gaining a stylist who takes the time out of their day to understand you and your hair needs.

Also i would like to make those aware, that great clips is about speed not quality. Generally people that go in there want to get in and out and don't want pay 20 dollars or more for a cut.

Smyrna, Georgia, United States #890949

I took my children there one time, and my son went first, but my daughter told me she did not want to cut her hair there, because these women had such a baaaaaad attitude, they did not look directly at you, they kept talking with each other, no people persons at all, we did not feel welcomed.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #837270

you look gorgeous! screw them.

nice eyes too! they are idiots so never mind them. don't go there again and grace them with your presence! it could be a lot worse, so be happy that you didn't walk out bald!

beautiful big blue eyes! beautiful!

beautiful , beautiful! have a wonderful day!

to shay Syracuse, New York, United States #899640


to DRH Akron, Ohio, United States #962833

This is why we have so many things wrong with this world. Someone tries to be nice, and complement another person, and they are categorized as being weird, instead of being thanked for taking time out of their life to make someone else feel good about themselves.

to Anonymous #1026513

Her eyes are pretty killer. As a guy, we don't care about haircuts.

Aside from that, you have to be comfortable. I won't go to great clips bc of this. As for the person who attempted to comment "weird." It was spelled wrong.

We don't acknowledge this in America. We actually frown upon spelling errors especially when you're only spelling one word.

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