Williston, South Carolina

I had 7 inch long hair and went in and asked to keep the length and trim the uneven ends on the sides and back. The girl(SHARA) decided to cut it how she wanted(SHORT) and accidentally shaved a 1 inch wide 3 inch long stripe on one side and acted like she didn't see it.

Then left about ten hairs 7 inches long because she missed them and a 2 inch spot in back! I got home and saw it in the mirror and immediately called and talked to the owner (Phyllis) who said to come back the next day and she would fix it...well I got there and she pawned me off on another hairdresser so she could do these 2 women that obviously were her big tipper regulars (I ALWAYS TIP $5 BTW BUT STILL GOT TREATED LIKE ***) well the girl supposed to be "fixing" my hair just shaved it almost completely AND LEFT A PATCH IN THE BACK STICKINGUP AN INCH HIGHER THAN THE REST!! ...I got a refund and I'll NEVER go to another great clips...Now I have to go to a barber and get it fixed because it's a week before Christmas and I can't just wear a hat all the time...I think Great Clips should be responsible for paying the bill where I have to go get it fixed right and I think I should get at least 5 free haircuts because when your hair is this short you HAVE to get it trimmed up every few weeks while it's growing back or it looks awful!They're the ones that butchered my hair but I'll either look like *** for 6 months or pay to have it tightened up twice a month...the owner, Phyllis kept saying she was sorry and to come back and ask for her and she'd give me a good haircut next time, but ***!

that's what she told me yesterday and then she made someone else cut my hair so she could make more money!! I'm sooo offended by that because it feels like discrimination!

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Clips Hairdresser.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I smell BS. All of your 7" inch hair was cut short aside from about 10 individual hairs - and you didn't notice that until you got home? Didn't see that in a mirror or feel the difference even?

Uh, sure.


You WERE actually there when she cut your hair, right?

You can stop them at any tome when you see, in the mirror, that they are messing up the style you wanted.

Syracuse, New York, United States #966824

It's good for folks to leave their experiences no matter what type.


There HAS to be more to this story. No stylist would just take it upon themselves to *** off 7 inches of hair.

There has to be a miscommunication. Men sit in my chair all the time without knowing how to ask for what they want. Sometimes its like pulling teeth to get enough information to begin to understand what they want.

Maybe that happened here...maybe it didn't. I just have a hard time believing the stylist knew you wanted one thing and just went the complete opposite way with it.

Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #917251

Looks like a haircut a child would do, I could have done a better job.

Mountain View, California, United States #916959

Awwww poor lil kev the mad brat make up a whole new profile just for me. Im very flattered.

Mountain View, California, United States #916958

Hes not a loser. And ive already shown his pictures to several people today alone. Oh its had a profound effect.


Boo fuggin hoo. What kind of no life loser goes online to rant about his bad haircut? Get a life.

Mountain View, California, United States #916856

Lol man i know its not funny but yeah they butchered your hair.

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