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Great Clips has a ridiculous policy which allows customers to check-in/booking of appointments for services.Customers who show up and are advised of unrealistic wait times, given that the computerized monitoring system preempts them when an online booker shows up for their appointment.

A fifteen minute wait can turn into a forty-five minute (or more) wait for the customer who was physically present but not booked online.

The opportunity for the waiting customer to choose to go elsewhere based on wait time is lost and there is NO consideration.GC Staff is has their hands in dealing with the problem.

Monetary Loss: $25.


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I was told I couldn't check in over the phone. If they can put you in line with online check in why not the phone?


I love the on-line check in and the Great Clips App.


I walked out for the 3rd time on Sunday due to this bait and switch online check in tactic.I stopped in while in the area because there were no patrons seated in the waiting area.

Just as a stylist chair opened up 3 "online check ins" walked in the door and I suddenly became #4 in line for a haircut.Please follow my lead and complain to your state attorney general's office.


I'm currently sitting here tried to check in online it didn't show up in their computer and was told three to four ppl ahead of me by the time the woman put my info in all the sudden there was five ppl ahead of me or that's what the monitor says in the waiting room says also when I checked in at home it said 15 minute wait time not 45


You need to get over yourself Sparky


What no one is realizing in this entire comment feed, is that online check ins are added to the end of the current wait list.Customers still go in the order they are checked in.

An online check in has 1 hour to show up at the store. If stylists are not serving customers that are available, mention it while you are there. To the actual employees.

It's pretty simple.Trust the stylists don't like online check in much more than all the people who can't seem to figure out how to use it.

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Not all (especially old folks) have or use computers !

Denver, Colorado, United States #1341431

Yes, is really ***. Ihad gone there for years. But no more !

Santa Rosa, California, United States #1340862

totally agree..... ridiculous policy, which should be changed. I am a returning customer and been for a long time.


Well go online

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