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Since there are some immature folks that do not understand that we have our own opinion on services we receive, I am removing my pictures showing the cut.

Original review posted by user Jan 27, 2013

Hello, My name Tiffani Williams and I went in to one of your stores to get a trim about 1/2 inch of hair. I first asked the person that took me (April) if she could actually cut my hair since I am natural. She said yes and trimmed my hair. As she started to trim my hair, she started to take of 1 inch and then 2 inches, etc. I went home very upset and wanted to wait to go back and talk to a manager since I was devastated. I cried the entire evening. I went back into the salon today (Sunday) and told the stylist that I was very upset with my hair cut and wanted my money back. She started to get defensive and said that she told me my hair would be uneven. She never told me this and also insisted that she will make it even after she did the cut. I had a lot of plans Saturday evening and had to cut them since my hair was a complete mess. I have been growing my hair for about two years now and to have someone chop most of it all off is still very hard for me to process. Not to mention she was rude to my husband and I when I came back in to express my concern. I now have to schedule an appointment with another hair stylist to cut off what she damaged. I put my trust in Great Clips and left feeling terrible.

Please see before and after pictures attached.

1st. Picture: Hair before cut (what was suppose to be a trim)

Second Picture: Hair after cut (what was no where near a trim):

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Bellevue, Washington, United States #1298567

GReat CLips hires some hairstylist who graduated from dollar tree university..same thing happened to me with one in Monroe NC great Clips.

I Alex for a split end trim and the hairstylist who cut my hair just butchered it..she tried to argue with me but i just told her, you don't know how to follow instruction

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1176729

This is why you don't go to fast food hair chain and expect gourmet.


They butchered your hair ! I know it's been a couple of years but did you file a complaint with Board of Cosmetology in your state ? I would have !!!!

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States #961390

I think it's a shame that these places can mess your hair up and get away with it I'm sorry this happen to you tiffany I'm.going thru the same thing now.

Brampton, Ontario, Canada #915465

you look silly


wow , i am a stylist, i can say this, it is very important that a stylist has good commincation with the client,it is good to watch the stylists for a little bit before getting your hair done, not everyone knows how to cut natural hair. You may have had a junior stylist.

If you can, ask for a manager When going to any salon, always ask for experienced stylists. I hope that your hair grows out quickli, good luck

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #599908

OK, you want my name---I am Joan. however, my using anonymous isn't any different than your user name because that doesn't tell us who you are either.

I don't know anybody that hasn't had a bad experience with a haircut at some time or another. About the only people that might not have that happen is people that stick to the same hair stylist all the time.

I am 72 years old and have had the occasional bad hair cut, and at those times I was working, and couldn't afford to hide until the hair grew out again. Bad haircuts are a fact of life.

to anonymous Denver, Colorado, United States #599939

Oh no Joan seriously, 72?

Okay you do have the right to have your opinion, but personally attacking people for their opinion is not mature for your age and your comment should have been deleted.

I would have taken your second comment as advice as this was my first bad experience with a hair cut; but after reading the first comment that was so immature and tasteless I have no respect for you. I too am working and think my hard earned money should be put to good use. Stay away from this review honey. After reading other comments on other reviews, I believe Great Clips have their employees writing comments to make up for the bad experience we all had.

I believe you are one of them. STAY AWAY OR I WILL REPORT YOU FOR HARASSMENT!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #599872

For heaven's sake, grow up! A bad haircut isn't anything to spend a whole evening crying about or to cancel plans over.

You would have been OK, if you hadn't been crying like a baby, and applied some make up and went out to enjoy yourself.

Myself, I ***'t think your hair looks better before than after. The only difference is on the before picture you are smiling and on the after, you are pouting.

to anonymous #599886

Get a life and grow up! I'm sure you have something else better to do other than going around looking at posts and harassing people.

This review was my personal experience and for those that's been through the same thing. Something should be done to people who falsify their experience. Oh and don't hide behind the anonymous screen name it makes you look like a coward.

Peace! :-)

to anonymous Woodstock, Georgia, United States #960522

You don't wanna mess with me ms anonymous I'm the right one to give it a go now you get a life and do some soul searching of your own, ben *** !!!

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