I took my daughter in to the 45th Street Fargo location and asked the stylist, Sara, to cut my daughter's hair up to her shoulders. Just enough to remove the damaged hair.

I left my daughter in the chair and when she walked out, her hair was up to her chin. In front of all the customers, I stated loudly that her hair wasn't even close to her shoulders. Sara proceeded to tell me that when her hair was pulled down, it did in fact reach her shoulders. REALLY?!?!

I'm not going to be pulling my daughter's hair down all day! Sara also cut "layers" into my daughter's hair and the hair on the back of her head is no longer than 3 inches at best.

Not even long enough to wear in a ponytail for summer. We will not ever be going back to another Great Clips location EVER.

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Clips Haircut.

Monetary Loss: $13.

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Your wait times are not even a good guess was told 30min after 30min not one customer came out with a hair cut there were I believe 5/6 stylist working or at least there that should work out like 30min. 5 stylist = 5 customers done and out the door your rate was 0.

to Mikep #1473317

Thank you for your feedback regarding our wait times. Our goal is to provide an approximate wait time based on the variables happening in the salon.

We know that our customers time is valuable and we will take appropriate steps to ensure more accuracy in the future. We appreciate your comments and will do our best to improve this issue moving forward.



Fargo, North Dakota, United States #666595

Thank you for your comments regarding your daughter's haircut. We apologize for not delivering a quality service that you and your daughter were satisfied with.

It is my understanding that you discussed this issue with our manager, Whitney. She had refunded your money and was excited at the possibility of being able to cut your daughter's hair in the future at no charge.

If there is anything else that we can do to assist in making this situation better, feel free to contact me.

With apologies,

Emily Wilcox



Good riddance

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