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When I got a straightener and styled my hair I began to see just how choppy she did my hair. I've been doing my own hair since I was 15 because of a bad hair indecent.

He did a good job it just wasn't what I asked for. Plus it was in a different country so I assumed he might not have completely understood what I wanted. Even thought I showed him a picture of how I wanted it cut. Anyway I decided that I couldn't do the back by myself so I would go get it done in a salon.

I never know Great Clips had such a bad rep. Most people I know go there. It's affordable and conveniently close to my house. The first picture, the one with the long hair with basically no layers is what I really wanted.

The second one is what I showed her when she freaked out saying "That's really long" The next 2 are of my hair length before. And the last 2 are from after she cut my hair. It looks really good except the fact that she layered my hair on the sides with the razor(which by the way causes you to have bad split ends.) I would have stopped her but it was too late by the time I saw she was doing it. I figured she knew what she was doing, she was licensed and all, right?

Apparently getting your license doesn't require you to care about the customer. I know I could have done better. If I go back to the place and show them my hair will she get fired??? I don't want to get her fired but I don't think she should be allowed to do hair.

So I guess it would be for the best and all I would be doing is showing them how it looks when I try to style it and make it look good. I can pick up chunks from the sides and see really choppy layers. The kind of choppy that doesn't even look good on scene hair. Just saying.

So upset I cried. My hair is everything to me.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. kateyaw is quite happy with that she was nice and friendly and stated that there is a room for improvement of that she messed up my hair and triedtojustifyitbeforeinoticed. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of great clips haircut and associated monetary loss in the amount of $12. Great Clips needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Wow, that's a great cut. The color is a very damaging color so that's where the damage comes from.

You got a precision cut at a Chop shop for $15. Id say your lucky.



I am a senior manager in CG...never worked in the southern states. I am very careful to make comments as I wasn't involved but I can tell you CG does have good overall image.

You wouldn't ascertain this per this site but than again it is based on complaints not satisfactions. People take more time to complain than to praise --and that is human nature.

I am not invalidating your complaint. I believe that you should ask to speak with the manager at the location it occurred at. This should be done ASAP (not a week after the event).

You should do your best to voice your concerns politely and stay factual. Most of the time, if the Manager can see the issue, they will correct the problem if possible. If not they will settle. The employee would be documented in written form.

Based on what you have said...I feel you did one key thing right.

You used a photo! Most people know little about the cosmetology industry and a simple verbal description of what you want done for a cut --usually leads to assumptions that can be wrong. Always use a photo. Even though we use a program called clip notes that track what cuts we give clients and what shear length...it is a very goof idea to use a photo.

You have the right to ask for any cut that you want.

We as the professionals would need to explain why something might not be a good idea...but if you still insist than it is your right. If the stylist feels they do not have the skill to perform a cut --it would be their responsibility to ask the manager to step-in. The goal is for the customer to be happy...reasonably.

It sounds as if you might have had a newer stylist...but I could not know that for sure.

Many stylist fresh out of school make errors which is why the manager does something called a cross-check and a line check. These are terms used in making sure the quality of the cut is proper. Sometimes when stylist use a layer cut... it is because a striated cut will leave an undesired look to the final cut but they should abide your wish as customer choice.

This is often true of naturally curly hair. It is assumed that all licensed stylist know the same thing and that is not totally true (states vary which is why the test is not national). They are expected to have core basic knowledge, however, the best indicator of overall skill with hair is experience. This is not to say that new stylist should never been given opportunity.

Some stylists are natural in their talent. I really do not know where your stylist went wrong and I hope you get this resolved! Stylist are human and so what they care about or believe in cannot be dictated by the profession. As to whether they are fire-able...usually this is not something that can cost a career.

If the manager knows they did this intentionally than yes they can be fired (if it can be proven malevolence). If they repeat the behavior and do not change-- yes they can be terminated per the CG P and P. I have fired a few people in my career that just did not seem to be able to do hair. If she is unable to do hair it is not likely they would keep the stylist as that is a job requirement at most salons.

If she has done something which harmed a clients heath than she can lose her state endorsed license. Like drivers licenses the state board can suspend, revoke in severe cases... I hope I have helped in answering a few questions...and most of all I hope you can resolve your issue favorably.

CG doesn't want bad reviews anymore than you want a bad cut. The goal is mutual satisfaction if at all this is attainable.


Vanity. One of the sins.


You also get what you pay for. Not their fault that you are a cheapskate. You cant expect a 200 dollar haircut for a bargain basement price. Jesus christ!

Some of these complaints are pathetic! Whats next? They messed up your hair because you are a white woman? A woman of color?

A single mother? Because it was a tuesday?


That's way too hard of a haircut for so cheap a place. I'm sure she tried. Also no one in real life could wear photo 1 and look good.


Woah woah woah-- A. The first picture HAS layers.

They're at a 45 degree angle to give the stacked appearance that makes her hair behave. B. the first picture also has layers on the sides. You're stylist used a razor bc that's how it was done in the first picture.

The reason she said "that's long" is bc you are asking for a ridiculously disconnected cut on a model in one picture.

You're stylist knew that cut was not realistic for everyday wear. #NotHerFaultYouThinkYouKnowBetter

to asdfghjkl #937520

asdfghjkl - you can look at that last photo and say those are layers? That is one of the most chopped up messes I have ever seen.

Looking close at the other photos, the cut is VERY uneven. I hope you are not a stylist, if you are go tear up your license and NEVER cut a person's hair again.

Germantown, Maryland, United States #935058

I'm sorry about that

Newtown, Connecticut, United States #934781

Well you wanted a 14 dollar haircut now you gotta deal with the results. They're not gonna fire her because you don't like your hair.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #933990

Cutting hair with a razor does not cause split ends.

Licensed professional.

to Sammy #1142035

Actually --that depends on whether the razor is appropriately sharpened.

Stylist who use inferior or worn equipment have more issues with cuts-- that is completely factual.

I stick with Oster 76's and Washi Shears..both are pricey but it makes a difference. I understand most stylist making CG start pay probably can't afford these.

I also have an excellent thinner...but it is a newer item as it has an dial adjuster on it for variance.

I would not be an elitist in saying that it is a bargain cut so not to expect much....many talented stylist have worked for this corporation. Why pay more if you can get the same thing for less...that is just Capitalism at work in the USA...no judgement of right or wrong ...it is just factual.

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