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UGH! Never ever EVER go to Great Clips on lead hill blvd in Roseville, CA. If you do make the mistake of going in and have a girl named Cristina try to give you a cut RUN AWAY!!! Run as fast as you possibly can!

During the haircut she was telling me to hunch down as far as I could (because she was to short to even see up there) so I was in pain the entire time as I have had a recent spine surgery and am not supposed to be HUNCHING down. This place made my hair look horrible and caused me severe physical pain at the same time. Then gives me a receipt saying "Your complete satisfaction on all services and products is fully guaranteed!!" That was further insult to injury. Now I need to find someone with experience to fix this nightmare which will probably cost over a hundred dollars for someone that knows what they are doing to correct this.

The girls certification said she got her license December of 2012...

:( :( :(

Review about: Great Clips Haircut.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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Houston, Texas, United States #656535

$100 to fix a haircut? Are you going to salons with scissors made of gold and red velvet carpets??

to Anonymous #656538

This is not Texas. This is California.

A house in Houston I'm guessing 70k a house in my town 500k. Prices are different here

to Poster Roseville, California, United States #823017

Still... $100 for a haircut are you serious? Supercuts ~$17 Sport Clips ~$20

Where the *** do you come up with $100?

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