In my 50 year life i went to so many hair places, but this is the first time i got great customer service provided by great clips hair dresser. I am so glad i went there.

This is the First time in my life i get great greet by the hair dresser with big smile. she is great hair dresser. she did really nice cut in few minutes and that was the perfect cut for me.I am so impressed by great clips Wonderful customer service system.

Great clips is great for them cut and stylists.keep it up:) Thanks for great service.

Monetary Loss: $22.

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i don, t work great clips but there has to be who the *** cares must be an ex worker of great clips all she doe,s is running her lips off badly of the company. i now start to swear in your next comments because thats what i,am been reading .

BE MORE PRO .... life to short neg,


thats great you support over worked and underpaid stylsts that work in sweat shops/chop shops. i bet you still buy your sweatshirts from indonesia that pay children 2 cents per hour to make it. :x


Im wondering who is Nisha and where is she from and where does she work?

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