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I have been a great clips stylist for over 3 years. First off I will defend that if you get a bad haircut it isn't the companies fault.

But I will say this is a terrible place to work for. Think of Mcdonalds of Hair. First off there number one goal is IN AND OUT. They do not want you to spend more than 17 minutes on ANY CUSTOMER.

Why? Because they don't want future customers to wait in the lobby for more than 15 minutes. This is all apart of there "walk right in, sit right down" slogan and walk-in only, no scheduling policy. It is not unusal to do 25+ haircuts a day.

Great Clips wants quantity, not quality. Did you know according to washington state law all metal implements (clippers, scissors, razors) must be santitized and disinfected for 10 minutes after EACH AND EVERY CUSTOMER? How does Great Clips abide by this if we're required to only have 3 minutes between customers. (I'm serious) If we take longer than 3 minutes the computer logs this information which reports on our productivity papers.

Potentially we could get fired for not being fast enough, therefor not producing enough income for the salon. Which by the way is a joke. They require us to do at least 2.5 haircuts an hour. With a haircut price of $14 that makes the franchisee $35/hr.

Most all stylists get paid close to minimum wage, here it's 9 something. There are no advancement opportunities. We are excellent at clipper cuts and short hair, or if you get the same thing every single time Great Clips is perfect for you. I wouldn't come here looking to do something drastic or change your style.

That takes too long and the stylists frown upon this as it messes with our times. Sad but true.

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wow, a time limit for cuts... ridiculous.

would never work at a place like this. its demoralizing for stylists that are actually good and PASSIONATE about what they do. but i mean i guess if you want to do 4.99 haircuts thats your business.

i know if i was doing cheap haircuts all day i'd surely be thinking "wow, i went to school and paid $20,000 to do THIS all day." NOPE, rather not do hair at all than work for a place like that! :zzz


I agree, if you don't like working for the company, then find another salon to work at. We, as stylists, take pride in what we do no matter where we work or the guidelines that they set forth for us.

I average about 12-13 minutes on most of my haircuts, but there are clients that come in looking for a "new look". Not everyone frowns on those clients. I actually love getting the ones in my chair that are looking for some type of drastic change. And at the shop I work at we do go for quality!!!

if you don't give them a good haircut they will not return and our goal is to make everyone happy that walks out the door! I guess I'm lucky that I work at a shop that has ALL great stylists that make sure we do what the client asks for. We haven't had a complaint or a redo (whether returning to our shop or going to another one) in over 2 years!!


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Great Clips isn't the only salon that takes walk ins, only. So that is one thing you can cross off your list of complaints. If you don't like working there, get a different job.

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