I am sure that a stylist at the(not so)Great Clips store in Kenmore Washington stole my earrings.She asked me to remove them, and in the usual stress of that cheap salon I forgot about them.

When I got home I realized I had left them there so I called the store and she told me that I had put them in my pocket. She made a show of being nicey-nice and helping to look for them on her table but why would she do that if she saw me put them in my pocket? She was very smooth under pressure and I bet she has done that before.

She never expressed any genuine sympathy--she just put on an act.Don't wear jewelry into the Great Clips stores, people, if you want to keep it.

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Why are u calling it a cheap.salon? U were in there so dont call it anything your probably cheap.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #198253

I hope you apologized to her for falsely accusing her.Good thing you did not put her name or she could have sued you.

Even if you did not find the earings why did you assume she stole them? Why do you jump to conclusions. Could you not have checked your pockets before making accusing her. Even if they were stolen surely you are an adult and responsible for your own belingings.

I mean you are not some five year old who needs their parents to take care of them.

You probably knew all along she did not steal them but were hoping Great Clips would pay for your carelessness.Shame on you.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #198252

I did put them in my pocket, however I forget that it was cold that day so I put them in my jacket pocket rather than my pant pocket.

Chicora, Pennsylvania, United States #198000

Was she black?I bet it was a monkey.

I don't let filthy black people get anywhere near me. Next time, don't let a n gger cut your hair. A black nasty n&gger would steal no matter if it meant they get caught.

Go to an all white barber.Clean, smells nice, and they don't touch your hair with fried chicken grease on their fingers and they wont steal from you

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