What generally happens to men who have relatively thick hair is to strategically leave it long in the back or sides above the ear, as the purpose is to play the numbers game and get you to come back sooner. I would believe this is what they are taught at Great Clips clinics after they receive their cosmetology license. They are usually plenty friendly enough, so it usually works and the cost can be about the same as a good cut once a month at a full service salon. But be forewarned.

They keep the chair back far from the mirror, keep the lighting dim enough to not really see what your getting, and are empathetic about showing you the back of your head, how nice and straight and flat it is, but do not want to discuss any other spot that was cut, because the purpose is to get it enough to get you out the door. It could be too they are not trained with thinning shears.

Finally, be wary of women who are 'not so cute' (i.e heavy set goth girls, those that smell of smoke, and on occasion broken English). They can be sadists and dig your scalp hard with the comb, hold your ear back an extraordinary long time, and on occasion, poke you with the scissor ends.

But all that said, I usually have a great cut if the girl happens to be cute. Problem is, they don't usually stick around there long.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Dude you have some serious issues that have nothing to do with great clips


We are def not taught to leave your hair longer you are crazy. Why don't you just go somewhere else if you don't like the service you are getting.

Oh and we do know how to use thinning shears at my great clips we go to training classes every month to learn new techniques and brush up on ones we use everyday and we get quality checks on hcs once a month to make sure we are cutting right!

and if they come back bad we get fired... So there is no bad hcs coming from us you must go to a *** store thats run wrong.


No, we are not taught to intentionally give you a bad haircut. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever hears.

The chairs are set far back so we can move you around, it is un-ergonomic for us to try to squeeze in front of you to cut your hair. The lights are not dim, they are no different than the ceiling lights you see in every other building.

Also, "ugly" girls do not give worse haircuts, you are basing that one one bad coincidence you experienced. Great Clips isn't a hooker salon, if that's what you're looking for go *** off at spanky's.

to bmckeigh Beaufort, North Carolina, United States #662554

Thank YOU! Here I was, thinking I was the only one who posted

a comment about the ludicrousness flowing from these individuals.

But true to form:

male clients are 9x out of 10 the most anal-retentive customer to deal with. It's always 1 out of 2 situations. It's either the men who literally have 4 strands left on their head OR the men with excessively thick hair. There's rarely an in-between with males.

Ok, rant over. Sorry :zzz


there are thousands of mirrors and what I do is turn the person back faceing the mirror and give them the hand mirror so they can see the cut for them selves before they leave so please examine your cut before you leave and we don't know you want it thinned unless you tell us


I fully agree with the author. 9 out of 10 haircuts I have received there - they do not use the *** thining thing and you go away with a freak cut instead of what you paid for.

Either most of their staff learned on chia pets, or their pulling some scam to try to get you to come back more. And since on rare occasion i get a good cut from the stylist and come back and get a *** cut from the same stylist several times (the good time they use the thining thing). Whether it be deliberate or not, the quality ain't there.

Great clips should be shut down. May those responsible be plagued by what they dish out.

to Anonymous #658348

Stylists are not psychic. They don't know if you want your hair thinned unless you request it.

And no, they shouldn't just know to do it automatically because I have had customers specifically ask NOT to use thinning shears. Stop blaming the stylist and take some responsibity for your own hair.

to Anonymous Beaufort, North Carolina, United States #662550

Ok, I can't hold it in any longer. First it was the author, with his head up his butt and placing himself on a pedestal. Now you've just reinforced the narrsicism and ignorance all over again. I'll get to the point, friend; we don't leave your hair too long or not thinned enough because we "want you to come back sooner". Nor is it because we like to "play a numbers game" to somehow be sneaky Hairstylist ninjas in order to "scam" you into coming back that much sooner.

You want to know WHY I say this? (Probably not, but guess what?) I say that because I work there and I can honestly say, we're not cutting your hair a certain way to make visits to our salon more frequent. That's just absurd! We don't cut hair in that manner because *GASP!* We DON'T want to see you every time we turn around. Especially inividuals such as yourself & the author who obviously don't know how to simply ask "Could you run your thinning shears through my hair, please?" We're not Psychics, we don't just ASSUME you want it thinned.

So there you have it. We're not doing the cut to make you come in more than usual. Trust me, you are NOT that freaking special. Next time, *communicate* and ask about thinning. ***, do we have to think for you, too?

Now gently pull your tampon out and try again. :roll


I apologize about your expierence, however let me assure you Great Clips is very big on customers being satisfied. When a stylist is hired we confirm they already have their cosmetology license from the state and then we do a extende learning which helps them utilize their tools to the customer such as the mirror which they should be using at the beginning and the end of the cut and the comb letting the customer comb through their hair after to see how it feels tehy should confirm the length by pulling it out on the front back and sides to show you.

If this does not happen they were not trained correctly and we would like to know as far as looks of a stylist they should have great hygiene and dress the part as a stylist and if they smell you should address the manager fat or skinny Great Clips does take pride in their appearance so this problem apparently is with the one stylist. and as far as not so cute they should always have their hair and makeup done it is the industry and hopefully the manager will address it at a shop meeting thankyou for bringing it to their attention.

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