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I worked @ Great Clips. Stayed for a year because I was friends with manager.

Then new manager came in and decided that I was getting too many requests. She wrote me up for things I didn't do and threatened to fire me. When I stood up to her she sd I couldn't prove it. The owner backed her up.

I have done hair for 20 years and never been written up or any conplaints. I quit. And feel like they caused me emotional damage and wasted my time. The pay is *** and you have to kiss certain peoples butt if u keep your job.

Everyone else is disposable. No health insurance, only part time hours. They seem to only promote young and childless employees.

The rest of can just go clean the toilets (literally). Hate this place.

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I have a similar experience as you. Great Clips is a terrible place to work.

It will take me a long time to recover from the emotional damage that has been done from me working there. I truly hate the place and what it has done to me. I wish this never would have been a part of my life. The manager is allowed to get away with murder.

They don't care about the employees. They keep hiring new girls and then my hours are cut without any type of notice that this is going to happen. One day and then boom.. you only have 15 hours for that week.

Who the *** can pay their bills on that?

This is a horrible place to work. I had no quality of life while working here.

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