I quit working for great clips this morning, best thing i have done for myself, If i had wanted to be around people like this i would run a day care, except the kids in daycare probably more mature.when manager wasnt around she had her tattle tails, glad no more had a real sharp object, I too got into telling because i thought it was what i needed to do to protect our manager, but i was wrong, she accused me of lying, I didnt and I don't get paid enough for this, hair cuts should be done in 13-15 minutes, what happened to what customers want, glad i left this morning and will never go back. If i have to scrub floors I would feel better about myself.

Review about: Great Clips Manager.

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its who the *** cares not who gives a ***....geee and you say I'm dumb. it's even spellep out before you.

i see your creative too....can't think of anything better to say other than stump? your the dill hole that can't see the truth in that's what you get for thinking......


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that's what you get for thinking......duh

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