I use to work at great clips and they care less about you or there employees. They just want that almighty tip.

I have never been so embarressed about a company i have work for in the past. They are shady and only pay thier employees minuim wage and that is basically what kind of hair cut you get, very cheap. Thier are other chop shop out there that care about you and there employees.

TRy regis corporation and no i do not work for them, I went back to school to better my self. My name is kristie and thanks for listening

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #198236

Trust me, Regis and Sports Clips are WAY WORSE!


interested in a class action for not getting paid while doing the closing shift responsibilities.....? see my blog.....


I have worked for both companies. Regis is just as bad as Great Clips. Maybe even worse.

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