On Saturday Sept 7th I was at the Merton Walk Great Clips in Lawrenceville, Ga. The stylist nearest the waiting area-M***za and her client were loudly discussing in detail how much they hated Mormons.

M. Then said she had seen two Mormon missionaries on her way into work. She and her client were laughing about how she should have "run them over with her car" because "the black pants, white shirts and black backpacks make them perfect targets." My son was hit by a car when he was 12. My daughter is a Mormon Missionary.

I asked them to stop. The client said "it was just a joke." The Great Clips employee rolled her eyes, complained about " the lack of privacy in this place" and loudly announced "I go to S****** B******* Church" repeatedly. There was no apology. She clearly took great delight in my distress.

If she had been laughing about hitting homosexuals or Jews with her car I think it would have been equally unacceptable. While I suffered no financial loss, just emotional distress, Great Clips should definitely rethink the "Friendly People" part of their advertising.

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Duluth, Georgia, United States #1294909

How easy to fabricate lies and people believe without listening to the other party, lies and more lies ,I wished she said right on my face is easy to said behind a computer,I would had taken her to court ,but God is the one who is going to be the judge ,the story very different she is a big liar


Oh my gosh I am so sorry you went through that I hope you filed a complaint with corp...No one should ever talk the way they talked in a salon setting so shame on her and her client... I hope your daughter stays safe out on her mission...

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