On Saturday,Jan.26,2013,for the first time I went to Great Clips, Snyder Square Shopping Ctr. Hatfield,Pa. 19440, I asked stylist Katie for a cut,wash and blow dry and curling iron,asked her not to cut my hair to short especially on the top and sides, just around ears and the back could be a little shorter, after cut and wash,blow dry she tried to use a curling iron but had no luck with it, I told her I would do it at home,paid for the service,left,came home looked in the mirror and cried, I don't want to go out, I can't curl it too well it is so uneven,the sides are so short, I look like a man, I have never had a hair cut like this my whole life, I'm 71 yrs.old.

Monetary Loss: $29.

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Dear very Unhappy, I am sorry to hear of your experience, I am new to great clips but have 20 years experience in the feild. I am currently a stylist and assistant manager.

In the salon i am in we handle situations like yours from time to time. Are you aware that our work is a 100% gaurenteed, The managers re- do the hair of those who complain. I would suggest youn all the manager and have them take a look at your hair, and if possible even it out or ask for a full refund.

If it is as bad as you explained then they may do it, The managers are experienced. Try not to let this upset you more, remember it takes a little bit to grow out but it is only temporary, take care :)

to great clips staff -m ***sista #890752

I faced the same situation. Katie messed up my hair so bad that even the manager couldn't fix it.

All I wanted was little volume on top. She cut it so short and uneven that it looked like I had a bowl on my head. It was too short to be fixed. Manager actually defended Katie and said I had thick hair.

They didn't fix nor they gave me a refund.

Told me to give it time to grow hair back. Oh, did I say they have attitude problem as well!

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