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I showed up at one of your stores, was told there was a 38 minute wait time. I looked at the one (1) man sitting and asked why so long ?

I was told , "Sir , people book on line and will be here shortly" you must wait. I turned , shook my head and left. Really sad we have come to this in our day & age of customer service. I owned my own business for over 14 years and never told a customer they would have to wait for someone or something that MIGHT happen.

Service and the next one was taken care of.

It is truly unfortunate that a small percentage of customers will drive your business model in this manner. Plenty of shops in neighborhood, I will not be back.

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I had the exact same experience and response tonight. I will never go back.



to Anonymous #1142344

Well, that is a managers call. They probably made the wrong call here but that is hard to say for certain.

Some franchisee take you walking in the door-- if the online is not present and there is an open chair. The wait time goal per GC standard is supposed to be 15 minutes. This of course is difficult if the shop is understaffed or overly busy. We have all these niffty tools to help track customer flow so managers can appropriately staff to keep wait times down.

They are not always accurate and some managers do not use them --as they should.

Another possible factor is the experience level of the stylist who are working the shift. Newbies take much longer on their cuts to attempt to avoid mistakes. Sometimes customers ask for extreme styles which require far more than a standard 15 minutes.

There could be all sorts of variables as to why your experience played out as it did. I couldn't defend or append given I wasn't there....but I felt you should know that not all GC locations have these issues.

The online check in system can allow you a place in line and an idea of the wait time at the specific location you wish to get your service. For a professional on the go...this is a most useful tool.

I imagine that the invention of this was consumer driven by those wishing to evade the 15 plus minute wait time.

I know people who will wait 20 minutes in a line at Starbucks without a gripe but refuse to wait 10 minutes for nearly anything else....

makes me wonder why.

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