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My husband, my sister and I went to Great clips in the Dr. Phillips area in Orlando.

We are ALL unsatisfied with our hair cuts. My sister wants to wear her hair up from now on untill she can have it fixed and my husband swears to wear a hat. I had to go to a friends house the next day who is in cosmetology school who I was a little sketched about getting a hair cut from and she did a better job than the "professionals" at Great Clips. I would recommend you NOT to go there!

Plus when I go to get my hair cut it usually takes about an hour and they wash it first, this time she sprayed water in my hair and acted like she was in a hurry, it took 10 minutes to cut.

My sister, who had hair down to her but and had a detailed description of how she wanted layers and bllah blah blah the lady who cut her hair just cut it straight at the bottom, NO layers and alittle shape in the front. They don't seem to care about what they are doing...

Monetary Loss: $56.

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I have worked for Great Clips for nearly 6 years for an absolutely wonderful franchisee. I have seen employees come and go.

Every one of them has their own individual personality, it is not the comany's fault, so please do not try to bash Great Clips for one stylist's comments. With that being said I feel like I need to clear something else up.

Great Clips is, first and foremost, a "specialty salon". Not a "chop shop". We specialize in haircuts, plain and simple.

The reason so-called "high end" salons (full-service) charge $50 for haircuts is because they have to keep a stock on color, products, wax, and other supplies that we don't have to. That gets expensive. BUT, by offering those other services everyday, they cannot specialize in haircutting. I am not saying they don't know how to cut hair, but that is ALL WE DO, EVERYDAY at Great Clips.

You wouldn't go to a cardiologist and ask him do perform brain surgery, would you? That is not what he specalizes in, though he may have learned about the brain in medical school. We all went to the SAME schools and took the SAME tests! I have done as many as 30 haircuts in one day, all blended well and no complaints.

I have had a lot of practice and have been to many of the technique classes Great Clips offers to continue our education and keep us current. Just because someone goes to a salon that plays techno music and the stylist is covered in tattoos and piercings, doesn't mean they are going to be happy with what they pay for.

Great Clips offers a guarantee with EVERY haircut. If you are not happy, simply let us know and we will do what we can to make you happy.


So when you get a haircut that takes an hour I bet you probably pay twice as much? Just so you know they aren't actually taking an hour to cut your hair.

They do a lot of extra combing, talking with their hands etc. to keep you in the chair longer to make you feel like it is taking a long time. That is also the reason an appointment is usually necessary for those places. I apologize that the cut wasn't what you were looking for.

However Great Clips offers convenience to customers. No appointments walk right in. A la carte menu. Meaning if you want a shampoo you can get one but it does cost extra.

There are some stylists that are employed by Great Clips and any other salon that really just can't cut hair. It doesn't matter where you go or how much you pay. You still may not get a PERFECT cut.

Depends on the stylist not the company. END.


I'm sorry you didn't get a quality haircut, but GC is not a full service salon. We don't wash your hair unless asked because it is an extra service that we charge separately for. We also don't spend an hour with you because most of our stores are very busy and most of our customers don't want to be in the chair that long, much less wait an hour for the person before them to be done.


great clips sucks!!! all the chains are the SAME!!!

don't go to supercuts either!!! they SUCK!!!!!!!!


You get what you pay for. I'm always surprised at people who are upset at the haircut they received at Great Clips. I mean come on people...


i agree the dr phillips great clips is no good! I was also an unsatisfied customer when I left, and they make no effort to get to know the person who they are giving a hair cut to. My hair looked like my mother had just cut it, and my mother is not good at giving haircuts or shall I say a trim really


:sigh I tried to make an appointment for my 94 year old mother who uses a walker. The rude manager Michelle refused stating I would have to "go online to make an appointment.".

What kind of customer service is that? Make it hard for the customer to access your bricks & mortar business by using the Internet? But it gets worse! I explained to Michelle that due to hurricane Irene I still had no Internet and could not access her website.

I told her my mother gets tired easily and it's a big deal picking her up, getting her in the car, etc., and couldn't she plea make an exception since we lived in the small town she just opened Great Clips? She said loudly and rudely "NO Exceptions!" just terrible to be spoken to like this and as a 25 year long resident (and former board member of town and historical society and mom of 2 children who served on town's first aid squad) I really do not appreciate this kind of business coming to our small and friendly town of Chester NJ.

Also, when I called great clips customer service, the woman took my complaint but never once apologized and she works the customer service phones! So, it's easy to see how the manager would have no sense of courtesy and commitment to quality service.

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