(March 17, 2013) I needed a haircut, and my wife said "If you're going to get your haircut, can you take your daughter with you and get her hair trimmed too"? My daughter is 4 years old. She usually goes to "Snip-Its", but since we decided to kill two birds with one stone. Anyway, we went to the Chandler Heights, Arizona location as the last few times I've gone to the Ocotillo Fiesta, Arizona location, I've left somewhat dissatisfied. They always cut my hair too short - no big deal, it grows back. So yesterday at the Chandler Heights location, I got my haircut to my 100% satisfaction. My daughter got what appeared to be a good haircut as well. When we got home and her hair started drying, it was very apparent that one side was about half an inch longer than the other, and everything was uneven throughout. It happens - I took my daughter back yesterday, but they were closed. No big deal, we can get it fixed tomorrow.

March 18, 2013), my wife takes my daughter to the Ocotillo Fiesta location as it's right next to our house. There is an employee there by the name of "Nathan" (another reason I avoid this location). My wife went in there with my daughter and explained what happened, and was told by Nathan, "I'm sorry. THIS store is a franchise, and we will not fix it unless you want to pay me for another haircut." My wife told him that she does not want to pay for another haircut, as we did that yesterday - all she wants is for someone to spend 2 minutes and fix it. Nathan again tells her (this time very condescending), "I just told you that this is a franchise location, and if you want it fixed for free, then you can happily go back to the location where you went yesterday and they will fix it for you for free. If you want it fixed here, I will not do so unless you want to pay me for another haircut." One question, and the reason for this complaint: YOUR website specifically states: "your satisfaction is fully guaranteed." What does that mean? It's very important to us that you leave happy. Please let us know if we've made a mistake so we can do our best to make it right. You can even bring your receipt to any Great Clips salon for a free fix." ANY GREAT CLIPS SALON FOR A FREE FIX. She mentioned this to Nathan, and he told my wife, "I already gave you your two options. If you don't like those options, you can feel free to contact corporate. This is a franchise." My wife asked to speak to the manager, and he said "Honey, you're speaking to him."

Why advertise your guarantee to go to ANY Great Clips for a free fix? I emailed the "contact us" portion of Great Clip's website, and the response I received was "The GREAT CLIPS salon you visited is a franchise, and is independently owned." How's that my problem? The big sign on the storefront says "Great Clips", not "Great Clips Franchise" - and another thing, your website says NOTHING about a franchise not honoring this guarantee. You did not meet your end of this guarantee, and I want my money back. In the meantime, you've just lost a 20+ year long customer.

Review about: Great Clips Haircut.

Monetary Loss: $13.

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Ogden, Utah, United States #1225611

all great clips are franchises. he was just being lazy.

I work at a great Clips and we fix any.and all cuts from any and all.locations.

so sorry you had that experience.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #628291

Why would you go in to a different store? I fully understand why they wouldnt fix it, as they have no proof that her mom had cut it and messed it up (not saying this is the case, but that's what could be thought) and wanted a free fix.

Their computer system is not linked with other Great Clips systems, so the visit history that is in the computer at the location you normally visit wouldn't be in any other locations computer. Just go to the original one you went to and they'll gladly fix it for free.

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