I worked at this salon for far too long!The greedy Indian that owns the salon I worked for doesn't care about anyone or anything but the almighty dollar.

He has actually kept a "crackhead" as an employee simply because her haircut times are short. Great Clips is a disgrace to the profession and anyone who is not a licensed hairstylist has no business owning a salon. I have filed a complaint with corporate and have also hired an attorney because I was treated so poorly simply because I have a family and couldn't be "flexible". Yet when I was hired I was very clear about what my availability was and it wasn't a problem then.

They started to do little things to try and make me quit because I was on to them and how they run things. I'm not a 20 year old like the other girls and have a degree and am also a paralegal - so I wasn't buying the bulls**t they were giving.

I can only hope that Great Clips learns their lesson and gets their act together.If you are considering working for this company I say DON'T!

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Thank you for your comment.My average haircut time is 14 minutes!

As for my flexibility- I totally understand what you are saying, however, when I was being hired! I was very up front about what schedule I was able to do and I was told that it was no problem, as we have more than enough staff. My youngest will be starting preschool next year, so once that happened, my availability would definitely have become much more flexible. There is so much more than just that, but it would take forever to explain it all.

My general recommendation for the future (at least with this particular franchisee) is to have better communication with the employees. I understand that this is a customer service industry and we definitely want to give the best service possible, but the employees should be looked after as well.

Happy stylists will definitely carry that over to the customers and feel more "loyal" to their salon, and that's a winning situation for all.:)


I agree on you leaving your job...However great clips is a company that promises customers your wait will be no longer then 10 minutes and the stylist needs too be flexible because it has too fit the needs of the customer it is all about the customer so if the stylist can not be flexible then it puts a strain on the rest of the employees great clips is open 7 days a week which most salons are not and your hair cut time should be no longer then 15 min if your not doing a shampoo or style most customers who come in too great clips need too get in and out the are not their for full service and all employees have too sign the policy.. So good luck with your law suite


I wonder why, if you have all that education that would enable you to get a better paying job, why you decided to go to hair styling school in order to do hair?Or couldn't you handle your treatment at other jobs either?

You might not be a 20 year old, but you sound like a big baby.There is more to this story than is being told.

to anonymous #728010

Actually, I started and finished cosmetology school during and after high school.I went on to further my education after that.

I worked at my previous company for 15 years and never had an issue. The only reason I am not still there is because my old boss retired. I went to work for Great Clips because I wanted something part time to get me out of the house - as my husband owns his own business and I was a stay at home mom. Does that explain enough?

You are right about one thing, I am so above Great Clips.I'm just sorry I had to endure the time I spent working at the "McDonalds" of hair places.

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