I went to greate eclips in LAMBERTVILLE MICHIGAN and to say the least it wasn't so greate.The lady told me that that she had been cutting hair for a long time.

I wonder what school she atteneded I would love to contact that school and tell them that Ur students needs more training. I asked for a trim I got some sort of half *** hair cut that won't do nothing but hangs in my eyes. I wouldn't trust theses ladys with my dog hair . I AM NOT GOING BACK i hope the place goes out of business because they suck .

I would of gotten a better hair cut if I HAD done it myself that's how bad it turned out.

for heaven sakes close the shop up and stop lieing to others about ur workers how you hire the best because I've had better trust me u will no longer cut my family's hair ..so dissapointed in Lambertville michigan

Monetary Loss: $10.

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"worst haircut in 43 yrs.... your an ***...


Stop calling them 'girls'. They are adults. The sexism in this industry is so disgusting. If you had more male stylists you wouldn't keep calling them 'our boys'.

And Great Clips does suck. Take the timer off the table and let your stylists do a proper haircut. It took a while for me to unlearn all the bad habits this franchise taught me so I could do a GREAT job at my new salon.

Great Clips clients are getting the shaft. Your stylist has to do your hair in twelve minutes because your check out time includes the three extra mniutes they get to do a fifteen minute hair cut.

And women? PLEASE for the love of all that is good go somewhere else. They will rush through your hair. After all they only have twelve minutes.


I'm so sorry for your experience at our store I will make sure to follow up with all of our girls. If there is anything that I can do for you please call or come in and ask for Kaelee or Liz and we will be more than happy to see what we can do. Again, I apologize we've never had any real problems from our girls but if this is the case then we need to get it taken care of and it would help if I could get some information from you.

Again, our apologies


Great Clips


Sorry to hear about your experience during your recent visit to one of our salons. All Great Clips stylists are licensed cosmetologists and receive ongoing training and education. We appreciate all feedback we receive, as it helps us ensure we're meeting our customer's needs. If you wouldn't mind, you can send more information about your visit to customerservice@greatclips.com and we'll be sure to follow up.

Again, our apologies.

Kasey S.

Great Clips

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