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Went to the Great Clips salon at courthouse commons chesterfield va. Lady sat me down, looked at my info in the computer and said #4 blade , I said no, usually scissor cut, she looked again and said it says #4 blade and she proceeded to buzz my hair in the back, I immediately asked her what the heck she's doing , she said trimming then scissor cut , I trusted her to do the right thing and she buzzed buzzed buzzed me, haircut was done in less than 5 minutes, she asked another employee "how many did you cut today" she said 32, and then I realized the $5.99 sale is about quantity , NOT quality!

My hair was a complete wreck, I will have to wear a hat for a few weeks until this mess clears up. I told her this was NOT what I wanted and not what I usually have done, she called the manager over and said, "look, the computer info says#4 blade" I asked thatthat info be deleted, and next time LISTEN to me about how I want my cut, this lady (elder red head Caucasian) did not ever ask me how I want it, she just assumed the computer info was what she should do. I have to say, I'm ashamed of my looks now and I am soooo mad at this place which I was a repeat customer for some time, the manager never apologized.

I paid , no tip, told them how I felt about this terrible haircut. I will never return to great clips again.

Review about: Great Clips Haircut.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Rice, Minnesota, United States #1226963

I always ask to make sure the note are right. Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #1223010

you were so cheap to get a $20 Ya should have went to The Kardashions beauty geeks probably only $900 cut

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #1223009

that barber really clipped you ya should have gave her a $10 tip or more

San Mateo, California, United States #1166661

That is EXACTLY what happened!


Same thing happened to me except I paid $20 for it and 4 months after my haircut it still looks bad.


That's where I had the worse haircut I have ever had in my life.


So you had a crappy haircut, so what? Use a different person next time. One bad employee doesn't mean the whole franchise is bad.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #884015

it will grow back ya big baby

Kent, Ohio, United States #701454

Them poor girls that work them haircut sales.. on their feet all day..

it brings out the cheap people ... and they lose their sanity. I am a hairstylist and I feel you got what you paid for.. common sence would tell me that if there is a 5.99 sale then them girls are probably busy all day, havnt had no breaks and are over being stiffed by cheap people..

now if you cared about ur hair.. would you really go get ur hair cut by a worn out, tired stylist for 5.99?

You people are ridiculous. I'm glad your haircut sucked :zzz

to Anonymous Richmond, Virginia, United States #702298

*** ahole. I WAS a regular rat that particular establishment and always gave nice tips .

Just happened to need a haircut the day that the sale was going on and it wasn't even crowded that day , so if you're worried about a bumch of old ladies on their feet all day , that wasn't the case. Any hairstylist should take pride in theri work and do a good job for the customer wether it's 5.99 or 50.99 But you sound like a bitter old hag who gives people crappy haircuts so it was probably one of your no talented cousins who chopped me.

I care about my hair and won't be going back to great clips due to the constant turnover of hairstylists, they probably don't pay their people enough so they get people like you who work a few days to support their crack habit. :(

to Anonymous #816147

Just here to say I use Great Clips on a regular basis and I am satisfied but the trick is to find a stylist you like and stick with her/him. Never, EVER take whatever stylist is available at the moment just for the sake of saving time.

I always call ahead to see if my favorite (Mary) is on duty and if she is not, I wait until another day. Had a really bad haircut once from another lady who cut my hair so short that I literally resembled the little boy on the can of DutchBoy paint.

(I am female) Even if you use a high dollar salon you have to find the right stylist that will listen. 8)

to Cissy #1262519

I totally agree. I've spent $50 for a haircut before and had the hairstylist *** the job.

Find a stylist you like and stick with him or her. Tipping well, and being a regular to the same stylist will pretty much guarantee you a good cut, whether you are paying $5 or $50 for your cut. I've been going to the same Great Clips for about 2 1/2 -3 years now. I DO have a new stylist; the one who cut my hair formerly moved to a different store.

Ironically, this new girl cuts my hair even better, and I was happy with the other lady. I've never had a problem. I'm a vet and get my free cut on Veteran's Day, same good quality hair cut. I get discount coupons and use them all the time; same good quality haircut.

But I always wait for my usual stylist. If she is busy, I let other people go ahead of me, so I can get her. If she is not in, I come back when she is. having the same stylist means consistency, which is important.

They will learn where your problem spots are (I have two cowlicks, for instance, that have to be cut just right or they stick up like mad,) and they always listen to me. My opinion: the OP got a bad stylist.

They are not all like that. Most are not.

to Anonymous #1219950

You and others signed on to do your job, if it's a problem for you look for other work. and some people don't have money to just go anywhere to get the cheap haircut you spoke of. so don't assume *** about other people if you don't want people to assume stuff about you if you can't handle it get out before things get bad for and the customers alike.

to Anonymous #1235378

$5.99 usually means a bigger tip is given because most people expect to down around $20 dollars for franchise haircut. Thus you are mistaken that people are just looking for a cheap haircut and got what they deserved. You seem to be a very negative person and I hope you one day find some happiness.

Chesterfield, Virginia, United States #672972

Quit complaining. Hair is hair.

If you had such delicate hair you would never have went to great clips.

Sounds like you are just trying to complain! Get a life.

to Anonymous #673277

I think the site is called Pissed consumer for a reason, so people like me can vent when *** aint right, so yes Mr or Mrs ***, If it sounds like I was just trying to complain about poor service , I WAS !!! You are a freaking genius !!! You are exactly right, I was complaining, hope this helps clear things up for you, now go ahead and troll the boards at pissed consumer and and right *** comments on other peoples reviews, because you probably need to get a life.


I've always gotten great service. Follow up with the corp complaint system.

That's what I do.

Lots more stylists to pik from. Great price!


$5.99, what do you expect?

to Anonymous Laurelville, Ohio, United States #645447

I expected at least a 5.99 cut , not a 1.99 cut LOL

to Anonymous Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1219959

You are rude and sarcastic, are you sure you are not 15?

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