I went to a Great Clips in Bridgeville, PA. I went in knowing the exact terms and actions that were supposed to happen for my haircut.

I'm a college student and can't afford to go to a good salon all the time. I told the man who was cutting my hair (Gerry) exactly what I wanted. Not even acknowledging my request he started chopping away with my hair still dry. when I asked for my A-line to be shorter.

He huffed and said it was short enough. I left without giving him a tip. and when I got home inspected my hair.

It was UNEVEN,one side was about an inch longer than the other!The back was all different lengths and my bangs look like a moth attacked them. Never again will I go to a Great Clips.

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Great Clips IS a "real" salon. We have to have a state operating license just like any full service establishment.

You can also run into a stylist who doesn't care about their job or taking care of the client at any salon, working at a "chain" doesn't determine this.

I've had women tell me they have had the best haircuts ever at our store, and they used to pay $100+ at full service. One bad egg doesn't ruin the company.


They are getting very picky about who they hire now and all the *** employees are going to you r so called " GOOD SALONS " well i got the *** haircut of my life from your " GOOD SALON" and found out later she was fired from a great clips for doing *** haircuts you really have no clue ***!!


all these chain salons are the same!!! i had the same issue at SUPERCUTS!!!

except i worked for them and got treated like ***. go to a real salon, these chains are a joke!!!!!!!

for $8 an hour NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR HAIR!!!! maybe if they cared about their employees we would care about your hair!!!


Sorry to hear about your experience. I can definitely understand your frustration. I would recommend stopping back and speaking with a manager to see if they can help fix your hair. Again, our apologies.

Kasey S.

Great Clips

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