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Location at the Heights, in Billings, MT. "Stylist" Amy.

I have baby fine, straight hair.

I asked for a 1/2" trim, NO LAYERS..... She took 6" off, and as you can see from the photo, several, severely hacked layers.

It has taken me 2 years to grow out my "slow growing" hair, from the last bad cut, and yes, it was also done at a Great Clips.

It was frusterating, that when I called to speak to a manager, I was told "Sorry, we'll refund your $13, and give you a free haircut". CUT WHAT, I ASKED?

They don't seem to care, that we have to deal with the humiliation, and years of undoing the total mess that was done at the hands of their so called "stylists", in a matter of a few moments.

I will never go back, and will tell everyone, about my experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Clips Haircut.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Tha last cut i received in bozeman montana.

I didn't like: Stylist did not heed my explicit and simple instructions.

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I just got done with my 7.99 Great Clips hair cut. It was so bad I had to go home and shave my head. I haven't shaved my head in 25 years.

Castro Valley, California, United States #1355272

I have exactly the same hair as you. I am a female with thin, very slow growing and I just got a freaking boys haircut and the guy literally hacked all my hair off.

It is the worst haircut of my life. I have no hair now on the back of my head. It is a shaggy mess.

I told him no more than half an inch and when I looked up, I had a pixie ***. When I went in it was on my shoulders.


Wait... two years ago you got a crappy haircut from the same place you're complaining about now?

Well hey...

I've got a pretty cool fix for you. Try paying more than $12 (which includes a shampoo and a blow dry) for a haircut.

If you're not willing to do that, then get a damned flowbee and fix it yourself next time.

to Anonymous #1087716

Wait.... I said I received a "bad" haircut, from ANOTHER Great Clips locale.

"Crappy", was your definition.

YES, that unqualified "stylist" did pretty much the same thing. rather than a "simple trim", she just started whacking. Not really sure why either of them felt the need to "experiment"......

Whatever..... I lost a few years of growth, and now, have to start over again.

I have received a few good haircuts from Great Clips, as well, and didn't think it would happen again.

As far as paying $12, (it was $13, and if you want a shampoo, it's extra. So, please at least get your facts straight, before you "spout off".

I am disabled, and only have $800 a month to live on, so I try to save where I can. Even being disabled, I like to be presentable. A person's hair is a very personal thing, and regardless of the fee charged, a person should expect "professional service, and an acceptable outcome" from any business, regardless of the service you are purchasing. I am not really sure why you felt the need to "attack" me with your comments, but the remainder of your content, isn't even worthy of a reply.

It's just immature. I hope that whatever is "bothering" you, gets resolved, so that you won't be such a negative person.

Especially, when it's something that doesn't affect your life, in the least. HAPPY NEW YEAR.......


I get my hair trimmed at home by my husband. I have been growing it out for a few years and it now reaches to my elbows.

I quit going to the "pros" because they seem to hear the words "just a 1/2" trim" and think it means cut off 6-8". It saves me time, money and the heartache of too many bad haircuts. I fired my stylist after a bad haircut and frankly it was a blessing in disguise. Fire the salon and buy a good pair of hair shears.

Hand them to your husband/boyfriend and tell him he is your new stylist.

Watch some Youtube videos with him and have him just do a minimal trim. You will be amazed how much better your hair will turn out without the crying sessions you have after salon visits.

to Anonymous #1087721

I truly want to thank you for the most "helpful, mature, and understanding" response that I have received.

I honestly appreciate the suggestions that you imparted, and for sharing your experience, as well as your solution, regarding your previous dilemma. (Sounds pretty much the same as mine).

Oh, one last thing, "Can I borrow your husband"...... L O L

Just kidding......

Thank you, again, and the best to you.

to Anonymous #1089708

You are welcome, no where in your message did I hear, "insult me because I got terrible service at a licensed business". The amount you pay at a business is not a measure of success either.

I had paid $55 for a haircut, had my head jerked around, head burned with the blow dryer, and got a pretty lousy haircut. Was angry at myself for tipping and cried when I got home. I had gone over six months without a haircut when I met my new boyfriend, who would later be my husband. I want on a rant about needing a haircut and hating salons when he offered to cut my hair for me.

Net result I said sure, he gave me a trim, best haircut I had gotten in years. I told him I had always wanted my hair long, looked into extensions, but they were too expensive. He told me I could grow it long, if he just gave me regular trims on my ends, and I stayed out of the salon. A win-win situation.

He has since started doing my color with great results. At Thanksgiving I saw my sister-in-law, and she had a really bad haircut and dye job. She really hacked it, and way too short. She paid her stylist $130 to screw up her hair.

Her stylist had been trying to get it right since last spring. My mother-in-law tried to say it looked good and you just have to live with what the stylist gives you and pay them. Ummm, no! My sister-in-law asked if my husband could color her hair at Christmas when we come visit again.

He politely declined, told me he did not want to touch it as it is a screwed up mess. Mind you we are on the east coast, so it would not exactly be convenient to have him stop over to give you haircuts.

to Anonymous #1091440

Thank you for the added information.

You are right, the service, as well as the initial contact, after the haircut, were very insulting, as have been some of the responses to this "complaint".

I am sure that there are a lot of folks out there whom have received poor haircuts, as well as other mediocre "beauty services", from "reputable licensed professionals" who applaud the way you expressed your feelings, and your solution.

I have, in the past, paid much more for perms/haircuts, with results that sent me home in tears, so, as you stated, paying more $, doesn't "guarantee" successful results.

As with any service, we all need to stand up, and make the merchants responsible to make their customers happy.

Thank you again, and best to you.....


If you're so worried about this kind of stuff and it took to you so long to grow it out, why not just spend more money and go to a real salon with actual stylists? Great Clips hires *** jobs. If you're paying $13 for service, you're going to get $13 type of skill.

to Anonymous #1084171

You are right. 50% of the cuts that I have received at a Great Clips didn't even warrant a $13 skill level.

But, even real salons, with real stylists can give poor results.

I tried to "give them another chance".

A mistake that I won't make again.

To answer your question, as to why I don't go to a real salon, I am disabled, and live on $800 month. So, I try to save, where I can.

Even disabled, I still like to look presentable, and a persons hair is a personal thing.

I feel that regardless of the fee charged for a service, a person should be able to expect an acceptable result. Thank you for sharing your opinion, and I hope that you understand, and respect my feelings.......


As owner of the mentioned Great Clips I'm very sorry about your negative experience .

We try to provide excellent quality haircuts each and every time .

I'm sorry you did not experience that . If you would provide me with your contact information I would like to discuss

Thank You

Dennis Stevens owner

406 670 1506

to Anonymous #1083618

I will contact you, but it is Christmas eve, and I am not shallow enough to ruin your time with your family, and friends.

I am too embarrassed to leave my house, so, I sit here alone, as I will do, on Christmas day, as well.

It is a 320 mile round trip from my door to yours. It is 75 miles to a town with a hairdresser, all of whom are booked, during the Holidays.

I attempted to do something with my hair, to be presentable, but due to all the hacked layers, nothing, short of wearing a baseball cap was any better, so I had to forego our Christmas photos.

I am interested in what you have to say, that will give me back what was taken from me.

All I wanted was a "simple" trim. I hope that you enjoy your Christmas.......

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