I brought my 6 year old daughter for a simple trim. She was served by Iris. The cut she received is very uneven, butchered in front and the back. I once trimmed my daughter's hair, and thought I did a terrible job - but it was a masterpiece comparing to Iris's !!!. Luckily the hair grows back and my daughter is only 6 years old, but even though she noticed how uneven her bang is and had tears in her eyes. I asked the stylist twice to correct it, but I was tired to ask her to do a good job for the third time. I paid but now i think I should not have.

I will not go back even if their service was for free (or even if they they paid me for it) !....

Monetary Loss: $14.

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Six years old means the child is in school and other children would have noticed. And how do you know she wasn't specific?

Does one have to be specific in order to receive a decent trim or haircut? Ok, next time I go to a salon, I am going to say "Let me be specific, I do not want an uneven haircut"....


Your daughter wouldn't have noticed anything if she hadn't heard you complaining. Kids that young don't necessarily need professional cuts/styles.

When you say a trim, you should be specific as to how much you want cut off in different areas. Trim means different things to different people.

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